About PAWR

The Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research program is enabling experimental exploration of new wireless devices, communication techniques, networks, systems, and services that will revolutionize the nation’s wireless ecosystem while sustaining US leadership and economic competitiveness for decades to come.

Participating companies benefit by: helping to sustain US industry leadership; shaping design of research platforms; and securing cutting-edge research returns well in excess of initial investment. Participating communities benefit by: building core wireless capabilities through creative university partnerships; attracting government and corporate research funding and local wireless jobs; and utilizing advanced wireless capabilities to enhance city services and economic development.

  • The PAWR Project Office is managing this $100 million public-private partnership to deploy and manage up to 4 city-scale research testbeds.
  • PAWR is funded by NSF and a wireless Industry Consortium of 30 companies and associations.
  • The initiative will accelerate research and commercialization of wireless technologies.