New York City

Cloud Enhanced Open Software-Defined Mobile Wireless Testbed 

Platform Now in General Availability for Research

COSMOS is partnering with New York City, Silicon Harlem, City College of New York, University of Arizona and IBM, to bring this advanced wireless testbed to life in New York City. The testbed will cover 1 square mile in a vibrant, densely-populated neighborhood in West Harlem. The technical focus of the COSMOS platform is on ultra-high-bandwidth and low-latency wireless communications, with tightly coupled edge computing, a type of cloud computing enabling data processing at the edge of the network. COSMOS will pursue millimeter-wave radio communications and dynamic optical switching technologies. This new wireless research platform will allow for experimentation at a scale that could not be achieved previously, thereby enabling new services and applications to benefit the entire community.

COSMOS Interactive Coverage Area Map – Click radio icons on map for details, and layer icon at top right for options

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COSMOS: Cloud Enhanced Open Software-Defined Mobile Wireless Testbed for City-Scale Deployment, Rutgers University, Columbia University, New York University

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COSMOS Overview 2018

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COSMOS is part of the National Science Foundation’s PAWR program, and is funded in part by NSF award CNS-1827923, and by the PAWR Industry Consortium.