Round II Archival Info

Please click here to review the PAWR Round II RFP

Submitting Proposals for Round II RFP: Please click here if you have not already registered for the EDAS submission system; click here if you have already registered for EDAS (note that proposal submissions are referred to as "papers" within EDAS).

Other Information - Please review the following links to other information referenced in the RFP:

  • Click here for Office Hours and Outreach
  • Click here for PAWR Industry Consortium Board Members
  • Click here for Data Management Plan
  • Click here for Conflict of Interest Standards
  • Click here for IP and Licensing Guidelines
  • Click here for NSF Workshop Report on Large-Scale Networking Platforms for Communities of Practice
  • Click here for Round II RFP press release

Round II RFI
Please click here to view an archived version of the PAWR Round II RFI (issued on April 9th, 2018).


Round 1 Archival Info

Please click here to view the first round RFP released by the PAWR Project on April 19, 2017.