Journal and Conference Opportunities for UAV and Wireless Comms Research

Journal and Conference Opportunities for UAV and Wireless Comms Research

There are several new opportunities to submit academic articles and conference papers on topics related to unmanned aerial vehicles and wireless communications. AERPAW Co-PI Dr. Vuk Marojevic of Mississippi State University is organizing a workshop and two special issues for academic journals.

Open Journal of Vehicular Technology – SI on Advanced Aerial Mobility

This special issue aims to share the progress and efforts being made by researchers, practitioners, and regulators towards advanced aerial mobility. This call solicits novel concepts that are currently being pursued or transformative ideas envisioned for this emerging area of research. Original submissions that discuss research, development, experimentation, and evaluation strategies that support advanced aerial mobility are encouraged within areas including autonomous air space operations, airborne communications, multi-vehicle cooperation, and more.

Deadline for submission is May 15. More details available online

IEEE SwarmNet Workshop @ PIMRC

The 5th IEEE Workshop on Wireless Networking, Planning, and Computing for UAV Swarms will be held on September 5-8 in Toronto, Canada. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working at the intersection of wireless networking, mobile computing, sensing, robotics, and/or planning to address a myriad of fundamental technical challenges that must be solved before UAV swarms (and, more broadly, multi-UAV systems) can be safely, effectively, and widely deployed. Since many of these challenges will not be able to be addressed without the help of UAV swarm simulation platforms, experimental testbeds/prototypes, and experimental evaluations, papers on these topics are especially encouraged.

Deadline for paper submission is May 19. More details available online.

IEEE TVT – Open Radio Access Networks: Architecture, Challenges, Opportunities, and Use Cases in Vehicular Networks

Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) was introduced to support autonomous driving through 5G and beyond networks. C-V2X leverages cellular network infrastructure to integrate vehicle-to-network, vehicle-to-pedestrian, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. It has been suggested that Open RAN can be used to achieve the latency requirements essential to realize C-V2X as it achieves real-time optimization through the use of AI in Near real-time RAN Intelligence Controller (Near-RT RIC). This special issue will seek technical, empirical, and conceptual papers that could offer practical and novel solutions concerning topics such as AI/ML methods for near-RT RIC for traffic monitoring, simulation and modeling of open cloud and C-V2X, virtualization and scaling techniques for C-V2X, and more.

Deadline for submission is May 30. More details available online.

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