Round II RFP and Other Information

PAWR Round II RFP: Please click here to review the PAWR Round II RFP

Submitting Proposals for Round II RFP: Please click here if you have not already registered for the EDAS submission system; click here if you have already registered for EDAS (note that proposal submissions are referred to as "papers" within EDAS).

Other Information - Please review the following links to other information referenced in the RFP:

  • Click here for Office Hours and Outreach
  • Click here for PAWR Industry Consortium Board Members
  • Click here for Data Management Plan
  • Click here for Conflict of Interest Standards
  • Click here for IP and Licensing Guidelines
  • Click here for NSF Workshop Report on Large-Scale Networking Platforms for Communities of Practice
  • Click here for Round II RFP press release

Round II RFI
Please click here to view an archived version of the PAWR Round II RFI (issued on April 9th, 2018).